Nothin' lasts forever, even cold November Rain

Such a great song. And also fairly appropriate, as this challenge is technically ending in a few short weeks.

And it has been a fairly dramatic year of photography, atleast on my end. There's been lots of love/hate moments. I don't think I "need some time all alone" away from photography. But who knows how I'll feel on January 1st. 

All the depressing ending, uncertainty aside, here's the photo roundup for November.

Oh also, you may have already known this, but Guns n Roses is coming to Alberta next summer. I'm sure its going to be an amazing show. I few people I know are going.

In November I took 854 photos. That may turn out to be my smallest number per month for the year, we'll see how December goes. Previously my low number was August, with 857.

I posted 79 to social media or Flickr.