Things I learned today

1. It is difficult to focus on a speeding bullet (fast dog).

2. Fast dogs are mostly goofy looking when they run.

3. When my fast puppy gets scared off leash and loses sight of me she heads for home, however; when she heard me whistle and call her name she booked it right back to me as fast as she could. Thank the universe for that. 

So, I got a puppy just over a month ago. She's a whippet. She was born February 8th, she's a little bit crazy, but smart, and fairly awesome so far. As of this week she can sit, lay down, spin right, and spin left, and we're working on sit pretty. All of these are mostly based off of hand motions still. But I still think thats pretty good for 12 weeks. She also goes outside for the bathroom reliably, hasn't had an accident in the house since last week, and that was entirely my fault for not paying attention. She sleeps in her kennel happily at night, and mostly happily while I'm at work. I come home at lunch and take her out for a walk and some play time.  

Her name is Radar, keeping with my theme of fast/racing/vehicle related pet names (previously: Indy, Turbo, Tonka). She is basically the best thing ever. Here is some pictures of her from today, basically the first time I've been able to get out my actual camera and get some pictures of her.