Photo Challenges

To get myself back in the swing of posting and updating, I've decided to give myself a new theme/challenge every month. I will shoot on that for the month, and post at the end with the photos I've taken and the things I've learned. Since this is my first post it may be a little more haphazard and unstructured. Hopefully I'll figure out more structure for posts as we go.

For October 2015 my theme/challenge was to shoot black and white for the whole month. When I took photography in school it was still black and white, film cameras. Lots of darkroom hours, and much more careful shooting and thinking about shots. I think that in the shift to digital, I've started to think less about shots because I can just take a hundred and hope one turns out. Also, I feel like you have to "see" differently when you're shooting b&w. Light affects your shots more, and you can't really rely on colors to make a subject/object stand out. So here is my adventures in black and white from October and my TIL's.

  • Have to expose way lighter than I usually do in color

  • Holy editing options batman! Just learned tons about editing in general, not just b&w, from Bryan O'Neil Hughes on Lynda!

  • Shiny glittery things can translate well to B&W!

  • Every 4-5 months go back and look at some old work. You'll have a new perspective. You'll be able to see more clearly where you've improved, and you'll probably have more appreciation for your shots. They're probably not nearly as bad as you thought they were when you took them

  • Get a small toy to carry around, it gives you something to take pictures of even when your totally uninspired

  • Also, get a cute nephew/niece.


And now for the photos. Thanks for looking!


p.s. challenge topic for November is "Working with Flash"