Very Nice Owl

So I went out to my grandparents farm east of Beiseker today to help dig potatoes. On the way back to Calgary my sister and I stopped to take pictures of some old graineries near the farm. Well, we happened upon a very large Owl sitting in one of the buildings. He was none to happy with our sudden interruption of his day, and flew off to a different building about 20 yards away in the field. Being the intrusive wildlife type I tromped across the field right after him. If you look at these photos in series, zoomed in on his face its pretty funny. In the first one his eyes are quite wide and staring straight at me, and then they get narrower in the following images and he looks away like he's annoyed by me and  I can imagine him saying this:

Pic 1: "Who are you?! where did you come from?! What do you want?!"

Pic 2: "Maybe if I don't look at her she'll go away... She's coming close isn't she..."

Pic 3: "flippin Paparazzi, so rude."

Pic 4: "ugh, I'm out, stupid paps."

And I'll stop anthropomorphizing owls now. I'm not entirely sure what type of owl this is, so if anyone can ID him that would be super cool. He was about a foot and a half tall. Very cool encounter, pretty lucky I happened to have a lense on that I could actually get some decent shots with.