Summer 2014

This has been a busy summer. You may have noticed my Photo a Day Challenge kind of fell by the way side. Theres a few reasons for that. 1: I told myself I would only post photos taken with my camera, not my iphone. So that adds another level of challenge. 2: I've been pretty steadily busy with booked shoots and so haven't had as much time to shoot for myself as I thought I'd have. 

Its nearly the end of September, and I have no shoots booked for the next little while. It feels weird, but its nice. Breaks are needed every now and then and I've finally been able to shoot for myself a bit. 

Last weekend I was out in Canmore and Banff with my Mom and Sister for a day, here is a couple of shots from that. Probably the same shots everyone has seen of the same places a hundred times, but I can't help it. The Rockies are so amazing. Alberta is such a beautiful province.