5/365 I love clouds

So much in fact, that I am collecting a series of shots of clouds/sky in Alberta because I think it is so bloody amazing that I want to curate it into a coffee table book for myself someday.

I had a different idea cooking in my head for today's photo, I even had all the props available. But then I got distracted and it was late enough that I did not feel like doing all the prep for it. Maybe it will happen tomorrow, or maybe later this week or next weekend. It will happen before the end of this challenge. I think it is bloody hilarious. Then again, most people think their own jokes are amazingly hilarious and the rest of the world doesn't. 

Anyway, cheers to clouds, sunsets, and #yyc. I live in a fairly beautiful city, and I have this view 30 seconds from my front door. I literally hopped on my bike and booked it down the road and made it to the path above the river in about 30 seconds. This shot is from way down the other end of the ridge, about a km from my street. 




and I forgot the photo. I'm so clever.