4/365 Great book...

... great advice, great author! Arlene Dickinson is definitely my biggest role model/hero. She's an incredibly inspiring person. If you are the entrepreneurial type, check out YouInc.com, its a pretty awesome community she's started on the web. She is also pretty awesome to follow on twitter

This book, Persuasion, is fantastic so far. I'm planning to finish it this weekend, and then hopefully read through it again. I think its been about 8 months since I first started reading it so I'm sure I've forgotten some of the stuff from the beginning.

Challenge related: I'm finding that there are two very difficult things about this photo a day challenge:

  1. Picking up the camera and actually starting.

  2. Narrowing it down to just ONE photo from the set.

I suppose the first one is a bit like running, I know if I just put my shoes on and get out the door, I will go. But talking myself into getting my shoes on is the toughest part. I suppose (err, hope?) that eventually picking up the camera and getting started will turn into a habit. The 2nd difficult thing, narrowing it down, is one of my biggest challenges with photography in general. I find cutting the bad ones out is the absolute TOUGHEST thing to do. I've noticed recently that I'm getting better at it, but I've still got a long way to go. Lets say I start with 150 photos, I'll go through and narrow it to 50, then to 20... 15... 5... etc. Cutting it to just ONE photo, is sooooooo hard! Tonight I cut to 3, edited them, and sent them to my sister, mom, and best friend and had them pick their favourite.  Thank goodness they voted unanimously. 



p.s. just realized I forgot the picture, embarassing!