3/365 View from my couch

Summer is finally here in Calgary. Its warm today, something like 29° C today. Its warm, but I'm ok with it. It's a nice change from the very long winter we had this year. Took my awhile to get this photo. I spent about an hour and a half googling and thinking, trying to come up with a photo idea for today. First I was thinking Macro. Then I starting thinking alphabet as in shoot something that starts with A. The only thing I could think of in my house that started with A was Agave, and my attempts at shooting agave did not work out how I wanted. So I was just sitting on the couch shooting random things in the living room. I can be a little trigger happy when I'm bored. Finally the caught my attention and then this materialized. Clearly the lesson here is to not overthink the shots so much. 

Once again, not the most technically sound photo, but it makes me happy. And thats what I'm going for with this 365 Challenge. Photos that make me happy. This year I want to get back to shooting for me, and maybe pull off some of the ideas that have been floating in my head for awhile.

I'm off to read a book now, because I can do that now! I can read books for fun since I am finally done school! Hooray!