Peregrine Falcon

So last week on Wednesday my afternoon class was canceled because my professor was at a conference. So I had all afternoon to go home and study. So I went home and took my camera for a walk instead, and then went to yoga after. Studying? Who does that. 

Anyway, saw a couple of cool birds down by the river. I don't know what the yellow one is. Second one is a robin I can identify those. Third I am almost positive is a Peregrine Falcon. I know we have a couple in Calgary. I thought they nested way up by Memorial and Crowchild, nowheres near where I was. He was around almost the whole time I was down there. I was walking for about 2 hours, and I could hear him off and on almost the whole time. I got lucky and he flew back and forth above me a couple of times towards the end of my excursion. 

If anyone knows what the yellow one is, please comment, or tweet at me and let me know!