Productive Procrastination: Selfies

This is how you know Briana has research to do, papers to write, and exams to study for. She cooks a full dinner, wastes a bunch of time, and then instead of studying, dismantles old jewellery to make new stuff. And then, spends half an hour shooting self portraits, and editing photos.

On the plus side, I finally have a chain to wear my pearl on. I got this one in Hawaii, I think it was 2000, on a family vacation. Its been sitting in a jewellery box ever since because I never used to wear gold and didn't have a chain to wear it on. So now I do. And I also concocted a chain for my horseshoe since I managed to break that one awhile ago. I'm on this "wear all the metals together" kick right now. And now you know a whole bunch of irrelevant things about Briana. 

This is how I procrastinate. Now, lets see if I can actually get some reading/studying/paper planning done tonight.