One Photo

So, my last blog was a little distracted and haphazard. It got the idea in my head of updating stuff though. "I'll just update my website a bit. You know, add 15-20 new photos from the last few months. It won't take long..."

Which turned into 3 hours of tracking down RAW's last night, and compiling all the shoots I want to pull from. And then another hour of that this evening. And then, before I even started sorting, an hour tweaking little things on the photo below because it struck my eye and I couldn't just leave it be and sort photos again, I had to have something to show...

So in all reality, I probably should not being doing this stuff right now because of school. So here's hoping this one photo is enough to tide me over for a bit and let me focus on school a bit more. Only 3 more weeks!!!

Also I mentioned that I'm starting a 365 Photo a Day challenge. I meant to provide a link to that. So here is the Capture & Release 2014: 365 Photo Challenge group on Flickr. There is not much there yet. As we get closer to start day, July 1st, a few more things will go up. From July 1 on it should be a pretty frequently updated spot with some great photos! I know there is a minimum of 3 of us participating, so there should be at the very least, 3 new photos every day!