The weight loss effects of clever posing!

So recently I had a friend, you know who you are, who didn't seem to believe me when I said clever posing made me look thinner in a picture than I am. 

So, since I recently bought a dress, and just had to take selfies in it, I figured I would demonstrate the difference. 

So here is me in my new dress, which by the way is bloody sweet, and if anyone wants to take me out for dinner so I can wear it, that would be stellar.  These are not stellar shots, I wasn't planning this post when I took them. At some point I will shot an intentional planned comparison with more consistency.

Left side: basic, awkward I-do-not-like-being-on-this-side-of-the-camera, stable on those spike heels, non-pose.  

Right side: Clever posing tricks like defining the waist, exaggerated limb placement, forward lean, body twist, and of course a smile. 

Big difference, I dunno if it makes me look 10 lbs thinner, but it is definitely more appealing to the eye, and I think I do look somewhat thinner. 

I got most of these tricks from this awesome tumblr post that I found on reddit, entitled: "Dear Model, Kindest Regards, Other Model XXX."  Besides great posing tips its also a fairly entertaining read!