A little catchup

Here's a little bit of everything. I found a new spot for Calgary skyline pictures a couple weeks ago, it was really chilly the night I took this, so I'm hoping to go back when its a little warmer and try a few different spots.


My nephew, Jaxon, was born a few days ago, December 12th. He's pretty cute. This is my Grandpa with his first great grandchild yesterday afternoon.

Last night my brother and sister and I went out traipsing around with our cameras because there had been some good ice fog. Unfortunately by the time we got done supper and got our gear and actually got out the door, most of the ice fog had blown off with the incoming Chinook wind, but we still got some cool shots nonethless. We went out to the Joffre petrochemical plant, and the Prentiss Airgas plant. The incoming Chinook gifted me with the dreaded Chinook Migraine, which I then made worse by hiking around in knee deep drifts with the headlamp so my sister could get some time exposures. So I never actually got any shots of Prentiss because after face-planting in a snowdrift, and then hiking back to the car with a wicked headache, I had made myself quite sick. 

This is all the steam, blowing north, off the Joffre plant.

My brother walking towards me with the headlamp.

Me flailing around in front of my camera with the headlamp. Joffre in the background.

The thin blue line. Which is my brother walking across the field.

And my sister's Subaru, Joffre plan behind it. Holy lens flare overdose! Also, my brother walked through this frame as well. 

Thats all for now, although I still have a lot of photo's sitting here just waiting to be edited, so hopefully I can get through a few more of those before school starts up again in January. 

Happy Holidays!