North Glenmore Park Walk!

Hey, its been awhile! I have a blog full of dance photos coming, I promise!  

Today, I went to check out North Glenmore Park because next monday I'm doing a family photo session there. In the 5 years that I've lived in Calgary, I've heard of North Glenmore Park many times, and yet I've never visited. I wish I had gone sooner. Its a beautiful park! Right now its full of leaves, on the ground, and plenty still on the trees as well, theres miles of trails, open spaces, and so many trees! Trees are awesome! I miss the forests outside of Grande Prairie, there is not enough trees in Calgary. I think I've finally found somewhere that reminds me atleast a little bit of the forests up north.  

I got a couple of lucky shots on my walk today and I can't wait to shoot there next week, enjoy! 


First lucky shot: I haven't seen live pheasants since I lived in Armstrong, BC, 20 years ago!

Second lucky pheasant shot!

This was super cool. There was a whole bunch of Canadian Geese on the reservoir, and a couple of groups took off. This group came up to my level on the cliff above, maybe 100 feet out over the water. So stoked!

This was a second set of geese, they stuck to the water level though and didn't gain any altitude until they were long past me.

Random ducks, that I probably should be able to identify, but I have no idea what they are